Joshua Good


View a small selection of my many successful documentaries in different genres: observational, presenter-led and drama reconstructions.  


The Hoarder Next Door

Observational documentary series about compulsive hoarding where psychotherapist Stelios Kiosses and a team of professional declutterers help extreme hoarders. My programme featured a particularly severe case of compulsive hoarding and had to be produced with the upmost sensitivity. Building trust with the contributor was absolutely critical as she hadn’t allowed anyone into her house for 14 years before us. 

Couples Come Dine with Me

An award winning (Broadcast & RTS) twist on the hugely popular Channel 4 series. I produced five shows back to back and took programmes through the online and commentary record.

World’s Toughest Jobs

Self-shot observational series following young British people desperate to sort out their finances and get their lives back on track by undertaking some of the hardest jobs on the world. My film followed three young people as they took on tree planting in Canada. The conditions were punishing as well as battling the elements I also had to manage contributors who at times wanted to give up and go home after a few days. 

Inside Stansted

Access based Obs Doc exploring life inside Britain’s third busiest airport. As the senior PD I captured the daily routines of airport staff from dramatic emergency aircraft landings and the ongoing struggle to prevent birds being sucked into aircraft engines. Alongside filming I maintained professional relationships and safeguarded vital access with the numerous organisations operating on site. 


A deep access documentary series following the work of the UK Boarder Force. I spent twelve months embedded at the UK’s busiest sea ports and on the Force’s fleet of Cutters patrolling British waters. This was a physically demanding series which required me to spend long periods at sea tracking potential smugglers and being on24 hour call to five British Ports.     

Emergency Bikers   

Access Obs Doc series following the work of Essex Police’s Motor Cycle Unit as they dealt with everything from mundane traffic offences to severe traffic collisions. This series required me to sensitively handle members of the pubic who were being filmed in stressful situations as they were being dealt with by the police.   

Big Body Squad

Access Obs Doc series exploring how the NHS caters for massively obese patients. As the senior PD I was filming potentially life threatening situations as dangerously overweight patients were moved between home and hospital. It was incumbent on me to uphold patient dignity whilst preserving access with the organisations that provide these services to the NHS.        

Extreme Fishing

Presenter Led Documentary following renowned actor and fisherman Robson Green. From Shark infested waters to ancient Aborigine customs, Robson fished it all in Australasia. I spent a gruelling six weeks travelling across the southern hemisphere working in some of the world’s most spectacular locations whilst keeping both presenter and contributors enthused.

Vinnie Jones: Russia’s Toughest

Presenter led documentary series following ex footballer and Hollywood Tough Guy Vinnie Jones as he took on the toughest jobs in Russia. I spent five weeks filming Vinnie in some of the remotest and dangerous places on earth. Managing a well known personality in such a difficult environment was a challenging experience but one I will never forget!


Long running consumer affairs show. During my time on the series I honed my investigative journalistic skills. I exposed a commercial airline breaching flight safety regulations, local authorities selling personal information from the electoral roll, an online ticket scam and the pitfalls of mobile phone cashback schemes. 

I Didn’t Divorce the Kids

A heart wrenching documentary about two families as they struggle to deal with the devastating impact of divorce and its overwhelming effect on the lives of their children. This was an incredibly precarious access scenario working with vulnerable children, which required me to maintain a highly sensitive but professional approach to filming.